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A Wicked Witch has stolen the Halloween candy pumpkins from the Halloween kingdom. As friendly ghost Harry Haunt, it is your job to get those pumpkins back! The witch plans to use the candy to lure little children to her house and eat them. You can not let that happen.

As you fly across Halloween kingdom bounce over the pumpkins to empty them of candy till they disappear, but be careful, the pumpkins are magic and if you dont bounce on them they refill and you have to start over. Watch out while you fly the scary witch will try and knock you out the sky with her broomstick. If you fall off the bottom or the sides of the screen you will fail in your mission.

Collect the Bonus flying candy to buy fun Halloween masks and other goodies from the Candy Store when it opens.


Clicking the screen makes Harry float left or right depending on the side of screen clicked. Holding finger or mouse down makes him float longer.


The game was made using images and graphics Designed by Freepik A great source of free to use images and vector graphics.

Music is Halloween by Steve Combs under

License CC BY 4.0

Game Notes

Currently the Candy Shop has been disabled as there is a fatal bug in it. I am working on it and will upload a new version when it is working correctly. The candy shop allows the purchase of cosmetic items only so shouldnt affect your playing of the game.


Pumpkin Hunt For Windows 13 MB
Pumpkin Hunt for Android 21 MB

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